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The Best Arcade Experience in Fort Wayne

Play the best arcade games that Fort Wayne has to offer when you step into our Virtual Reality Headsets. You'll choose from over 80+ different games for Single or Multi-Player. 

Bring the party to Spectrum VR

Spectrum VR give you the most memorable group experience in Fort Wayne. Get one room and trade who's playing, or get multiple rooms and play together!



VR Games




and older


No other arcade does what we do

Where else can you instantly switch between 80+ arcade with no waiting, no tokens, and no limits? Spectrum VR brings the best arcade in the city at a great price.

What is a VR Arcade?

A VR Arcade is the next step in local entertainment. Take yourself to incredible worlds, fight deadly creatures, or explore the world with Google Earth -- all inside a headset that blurs the line between Virtual and Reality.

At Spectrum VR you'll rent one or more rooms where you'll have 80+ different games to choose from. Each room has 1 VR headset with room for seating so spectators can watch. If you want to play multiplayer, you'll need to get a room for each person playing.

age limit for VR Arcade Games?

Children should be able to read, discern shapes & colors, and be able to watch our tutorial video. We would recommend 7 years old as a minimum. We can also restrict the game list so younger players don't see our more difficult games.

Delta the VR Bunny from Spectrum Virtual Reality Arcade - Back Shot

Who should play
VR ARcade Games?

We invite everyone to try our VR Games regardless of age, experience, or gaming knowledge. You don't have to play video games to understand how our games work! Call us to book large events.

What's the price for the Arcade?

We charge $30 per hour for one room when you book online. A room at our arcade has one VR Headset and one area for seating.

If you only get one room, anyone in your group is able to play on that headset by simply switching out who is wearing the headset.

If you'd like to play multiplayer where two or more people play games together, you simply need to get a room for each person playing.

For example, if I have a group of 4 who want to play together, I'd rent 4 rooms for an hour each -- totaling $120.

Delta the VR Bunny's family from Spectrum Virtual Reality Arcade - 3 in one shot
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