• Waylon Fisher

Christmas Escape Room Video Overview

By: Waylon Fisher and Nicholas Main | Originally Posted: 12/22/20 | Last Updated: 12/22/20

We have been writing about this escape room a lot this season for obvious reasons. It only felt right to make this our first video review. On a previous post, I mentioned that I thought about making more in depth reviews for the games we speak about, so here goes my first attempt. You may also notice that Nicholas Main has joined me to write this post. Nick is my cousin and has spent a lot of time in our arcade the last 3 years with me working and testing games. We will introduce him a little more in a future post. He has been working on starting a YouTube channel and Twitch stream for a little while and I thought I would ask him to join me for these video reviews, he said yes. Hope you guys enjoy!

Well there it was, our first attempt at a video overview. Let us know if you like content like this and we will continue to create it. For the escape rooms, we didn't want to reveal any of the puzzles, that is why we told the story rather than just showing a bunch of gameplay. You can expect to see a lot more gameplay in future posts!

Side Note: We received some products to review from Kiwi Design. Kiwi Design makes a ton of VR accessories and gaming accessories. We will reviewing them very soon!

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