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The Very First Ever Spectrum VR Arcade Blog Post to Ever Exist Ever

Updated: 2 days ago

By: Waylon Fisher | Originally Posted: 11/17/20 | Last Updated: 12/2/20

Table of Contents

A Little About Me

Why am I Blogging Now

Who is Actually Going to Read the Blog

A Little About Me...

My name is Waylon and this is my first time ever writing a blog post ever so be prepared for some good and some bad, but at the very least I promise to keep things interesting!

Instead of a normal introduction I am going to take you on a trip with me to the year 2016.

It was 2016 and Donald Trump was elected president. "What the heck!" Waylon thought. "I might as well open a VR arcade!" So he did.

In all realness, it was just after the election, my senior year in college, that I first had the idea to open a Virtual Reality Arcade. At the time I would keep an idea journal on myself. I would jot down ideas that peaked my interest to later review. Most of the time my ideas already existed. Things like wall mounted back scratchers, while not publicly known, existed. A Virtual Reality Arcade, although already existed, was no where near my hometown and very few existed. It was after this initial research that I really started to look into the idea. At my family Halloween party I brought my roughly drawn sketch to show my cousin, Brandon. He was instantly interested in the idea. From that point on, plans got serious. In a later blog post I may go into more detail, but that is enough introduction for now.

Why am I Blogging Now...

I have thought about starting a blog for awhile, for a number of different reasons, but my perception of needing a specific audience for a blog always stopped me.

Spectrum is one of the first Virtual Reality Arcades in the United States, so I thought about starting a blog to give insight to other arcade owners how we operate our arcade. Spectrum is a small business that is rapidly changing and with all the changes it is difficult to keep customers up to date sometimes on the latest on what is going on, so I thought about starting a blog to inform our customers . Spectrum is about more than gaming. While a big portion of our business is gaming, we also are starting education summer camps, hosting Esport tournaments, and offering Virtual Reality Escape Rooms. My point is there is a ton of ways I could have went with this blog, but I finally decided let's just do it and not worry about how successful it turns out. I guess you could say this blog is for... fun!

Who is Actually Going to Read the Blog...

Website Traffic

Well if you have read this far, maybe you. Traffic from our website comes from all over the place. People from Germany, India, France, and Canada are all interested in what is going down in Fort Wayne.

I would love for this blog to appeal to those interested in what is going on at Spectrum, those who are interested in gaming and Esports, those who are thinking about starting a small business of their own, or those who like to read because the author knows how to throw down on a blog at 12:43 in the morning. Like I said I plan on having fun with this thing, but I do encourage you guys to ask questions! If there are any questions you guys have or something you want me to write about I am all ears. I will be writing the blogs sporadically as the ideas for posts come to me and I have the time to write a post. I look forward to many more posts to come!

Side Note: Here is our new comic strip for the Monthly Spectrum Newsletter. If you would like to join the Newsletter you can do so at the bottom of the page here. We are looking for community ideas for future comic strips!

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