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Virtual Reality Gift Buying Guide for 2020

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

By: Waylon Fisher | Originally Posted: 11/24/20 | Last Updated: 12/22/20

Table of Contents

Options at Spectrum

Best Headsets to Play at Home

VR Ready Computers

Hottest Games this Season

Options at Spectrum

You will find out, after reading this, that VR can be difficult to setup at home. I will tell you options there are for home, but if you are not a tech savvy person, I really recommend going to an arcade that does everything for you. Not only do we do everything for you, but unless you plan on playing VR extensively going to an arcade is almost always a cheaper long term option.

The experiences I recommend trying this holiday season are #1 Santa Simulator (Ages: 7-13) and #2 our premium VR Escape Room Christmas (Ages: 12+).

Santa Simulator: You ring the mysterious bell. Next minute, you're riding in Santa's sleigh, dropping presents in chimneys. Welcome to Santa Simulator where kids squeal with delight and adults become kids again. This game is one of many titles available with a VR arcade booking.

Christmas: Santa has got caught in a blizzard, he has lost all the presents and cannot find his way home. Only you can help save Christmas. This game is one of our VR escape room titles. You will be given 30 minutes to help save Christmas. Like all our other escape rooms, if you finish with 15 or more minutes remaining, you will receive a 15 minute voucher for VR arcade time.

If you plan on making these options a gift, there are two ways to do so. First you can book the experience online for a predetermined date. We can always adjust this booking if plans change. The second option is to purchase a gift card. Both physical and eGift cards are available this season. You can read about why Spectrum is a safe place to play this holiday season here.

Best Headsets to Play at Home

I am going to list the best headsets and tell you a little bit about each one. Make sure you read the requirements, some will require the purchase of a VR ready computer, while others will not. This can greatly impact the price. I will try to skip headsets that have a better option for the price, or at least mention them as an alternative. I will also recommend a few accessories that pair great with each headset.

#1 The Valve Index $999 Requires a VR Ready PC.

This headset is only meant for the most extreme of VR enthusiasts. This headset is seriously top of the line, but it does come at a high price point. On top of the high price point, there is currently a 7-9 week wait on shipping. If you are purchasing this headset, I wouldn't skimp on the the computer you run it on as it will push what ever you try to run it on. You can find tons of reviews online explaining the headset more, but trust me when I say this, the Index is the best VR headset out right now. Recommended accessories include: a gun stock for those FPS games, this nifty controller charging station, and PU leather face cover kit. A powerful closely ranked headset alternative with a shorter shipment time would be the HTC Vive Pro.

#2 The Oculus Quest 2 $299 or $399 Does not require a VR Ready PC, but can use one.

This headset is my favorite option for the at home user. The headset can be played wirelessly without a computer, but takes a small hit on graphics quality when doing so. The graphics quality is great and the headset is very affordable for what it has to offer. The headset is probably the most beginner friendly I have seen on setting up because the capability to just sign in with your Facebook account. The difference in the price I listed above are different storage options. My cons for the headset are you have to run everything through the Oculus store (owned by Facebook) unless you want to use a side loading option (aka a more difficult process) and the head strap is uncomfortable. This is the best portable VR headset available right now. Recommended accessories are: the oculus link cable (Required for corded play), this carrying case, this silicone face cover, and this replacement head strap. This headset is pretty readily available. An alternative for wireless play would be the HTC Cosmos Elite. The price point of the Quest is a big reason why it is the superior headset.

VR Ready Computers

As mentioned, not all the headsets recommended require a VR ready pc. If you want to experience the highest level of VR gaming, you will want one. The lowest end of a custom built machine will be about $600. For a high end machine, you can expect to spend $1400+. The benefit of the pc is you do not only have to use it for VR, you now also have a sweet gaming rig or powerful workstation you have access to. I will list a few prebuilds below that are a great price for what is included. For prebuilds, the price can be close to what building the machine yourself could cost so it is not a bad option. The other option is to look at a custom built pc. The benefit to this is you can tailor your pc to the experiences you plan on playing, so you are only spending what you need to. Our staff is great at putting these together, you can send us an email at if this option interests you.

1660 Super Build $799

This pc is capable at running VR and is for a pretty good price. A slight upgrade would be this 1660 Ti build.

2070 S Build $1700

At this price point I would start to recommend getting a custom built machine as there starts to be an upcharge on some of the better parts for a prebuilt machine. This PC is not too bad for the price and will run VR extremely well. The next step up would be a machine like this 3070 Build, but again I recommend a custom built PC at this point.

Hottest Games this Season

Depending on the age of the person you are buying the game for, this list will vary. What I am going to do is list the top 10 games I know right now. This list will include my favorites as well as the most anticipated titles. Keep in mind these titles may not be available on every machine.

  1. Half-life Alyx (The best game I have ever played in VR)

  2. Beat Saber (Everyone loves this game. It is a great workout and a great rhythm game)

  3. Pavlov (The best FPS there is in VR)

  4. Arizona Sunshine (My favorite zombie survival game, as well as the number one most played game at our arcade)

  5. Gorn or Blade and Sorcery (I couldn't decide which of the two I liked more. If you like to punch stuff to a bloody pulp, then these games are for you)

  6. Population One (Brand new battle royal shooter that their has been a bunch of hype around for over a year)

  7. Pistol Whip (A shooter style rhythm game that you can break a sweat in)

  8. Superhot VR (one of the most iconic VR games and a staple at our arcade)

  9. Job Simulator (One of the best kids games in VR, still fun if you are an adult)

  10. Creed (A great boxing game and you can be Rocky Balboa)

Side Note: Again these options are recommended for the tech savvy. I still recommend going to the arcade if you are not tech savvy. Regardless if you have any questions, feel free to let me know! This may be the first blog post I didn't try to be funny. If you are missing my jokes let me know and I will be sure to send you one!

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