Wits and Wander VR Arcade

VR in Fort Wayne

Pricing is per headset. Spectators are welcome to watch and take turns playing, but you will only be given the amount of time purchased.

30 Minutes: $18

45 Minutes: $24

60 Minutes: $30

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Arena is a dynamic and immersive multiplayer shooter with sci-fi elements. The rich variety of maps and weapons will excite every fan of action games. Prove yourself as a fearless gladiator of the modern world. Gather in teams and recall all the game tactics you know to conquer your enemies within VR

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Have you ever wanted to try yourself at archery? Have you ever dreamt of becoming a hero of the Middle Ages? In Archer, you are to fight hordes of orcs, goblins, and trolls attacking your fortress, and in the end — defeat the main boss! You can either fight off alone like a true hero or call your friends for help and shoot monsters together. Hurry! Grab a bow and defend your castle against uninvited guests!