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The new way to Escape in Fort Wayne

Virtual Reality Escape Rooms are now in Fort Wayne! Travel to impossible worlds, defuse nuclear missiles, or escape the House of Fears.

Perfect for

Parties & Groups

Work together with your team to problem solve your way out of riddles, tricks, mysteries, and some other secrets. Can your group keep their cool under pressure?

Escape Room Screen Shot for Spectrum VR Escape Rooms


Escape Rooms

2 -6




Escape Room Promo Image for Fort Wayne Escape Rooms

Just like real life...
(but better) 

Virtual Reality Escape Rooms offer a totally unreal experience that can't be recreated in traditional escape rooms. And luckily, you can try one here in Fort Wayne!

What is a VR Escape Room Experience?

VR Escape Room Experiences are a completely unique entertainment experience for 2-6 people! You'll all be inside VR Headsets that transport you to various worlds you'll need to escape in under 1 hour.

Our Escape Rooms last 1 hour, but if you beat your Escape Room in under 45 minutes you'll get your remaining time to play any of our 80+ VR Games! Now that's a benefit you'll never find at traditional Escape Rooms.

age limit for VR Escape Room Experiences?

For Escape Rooms, children should be able to read, discern shapes & colors, and work well with others. We would recommend 7 years old as a minimum.

Delta the VR Bunny from Spectrum Virtual Reality Arcade - Back Shot
Escape Room Key

What's the price for an escape room?

Our Escape Rooms cost $30 per player if you book ahead of time using the Book Now button, or it costs $35 per player if you walk-in without a reservation. 

Who should do VR Escape Rooms?

We invite everyone to try our Escape Rooms regardless of age, experience, or gaming knowledge. You don't have to play video games to understand how our Escape Rooms work -- They work just like real life escape rooms!


We host birthday parties, work events, team building activities, family outings, bachelor / bachelorette parties, and more! If you want to book a corporate event or team building event, feel free to call us at (260) 755-6151

Delta the VR Bunny's family from Spectrum Virtual Reality Arcade - 3 in one shot
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