What is Virtual Reality?

Until now, we’ve always looked at video games and movies on two dimensional screens. Virtual reality allows the user to step inside of that experience and enter a whole new world. There is no way to truly describe how incredibly realistic virtual reality feels. If you are in doubt, stop in and try a short demo on us!

Our Story

Founded by two Fort Wayne locals, we opened our doors December 15th 2017. At Spectrum: Virtual Reality Arcade we strive to bring a new age of arcades, gaming, and family fun to everyone. 

Access to quality virtual reality technology can be highly limited for the average consumer, often requiring high end performance specs, lots of space, and a tech savvy player. We know this can be a large deterrent for most, so we set out to make it accessible.

Our Mission

At Spectrum, we are focused on providing premium virtual reality experiences at an affordable rate. Our mission goes far beyond playing video games. Our mission is to bring people together in new and exciting experiences and virtual reality is exactly how. From the very first time we tried virtual reality we knew it was something that had to be shared! We have been open for over two years and have witnessed thousands of smiles, laughs, and screams as our players defied the binds of reality. We have watched thousands of families dare each other to walk the plank and thousands of friends compete to kill more zombies. We do our best to make sure every visit to Spectrum leaves you with a smile.


Since opening we have participated in many fundraising events and charitable causes. We are always more than happy to help our community grow. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need help with your event.


Waylon Fisher owner of Spectrum Virtual Reality Arcade
Waylon Fisher

Founder & Co-Owner

Brandon Barker

Founder & Co-Owner

Parnell Plaza Staff

David Main


Keith Johnston